I’m being defoliated…

    This morning I got up early; I was going to the “See You At the Pole” rally at the high school. Thinking it might be chilly (it wasn’t), I put on a long-sleeved cotton shirt, my cotton jeans and my cotton socks.

    By mid-morning my nose was running and head was all stopped up and couldn’t hear thunder. A little after noon, I decided I needed to fight this influenza with food. So I went to a local diner for a burger and some fries.

    I’m eating my lunch and my nose is running so bad that my hamburger bun is getting soggy. A waitress is cleaning up the table to my left and three farmers are finishing up their lunch at the table to my right.

    Farmer #1: (Apparently speaking to me.) “Are you cold?”

    Me: “No, I wore this long-sleeve shirt because I thought it might be chilly today.”

    Farmer #2: “Do your feet smell?”

    Me: (I’ve heard this joke before…if your nose runs and your feet smell, you’re built upside down.) “I don’t know ‘cause I can’t get my head that low and couldn’t tell anyway because my head is stopped up.”

    Farmer #3: “You’re being defoliated because of all the cotton you’re wearing.”

    Me: “I find that hard to believe.”

    The three friends of Job (farmers) leave. The waitress comes to my table.

    Waitress: ” I think you misheard those gentlemen.”

    Me: “How’s that? What did they say?”

    Waitress: “Well, the first farmer asked, ‘Do you have a cold?’ The second one, looking at their own dirty farming clothes, asked, ‘Do we smell?’ The third farmer just said, ‘It must be the defoliant we farmers are all spraying on the cotton plants.’”

    So much for being a city boy in the country.

    My nose is still running.

Matthew 11:15 (NASB)  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.How’s your hearing when God speaks to you?

How’s your hearing when God speaks?

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