My Speed

stopwatchI’m glad I can still do a “four-minute mile.” (I’d try to do it faster, but my Toyota might not make it.) Ambulance services and fire and police departments often state their RT (“response time” in reference to how quickly they are on the scene to help once called).

No one can beat the Lord’s response time. We may get frustrated when we don’t see any visible evidence of His answering when we call. He is faster than the speed of sound, faster than the speed of light. He is even faster than the speed of thought.

What’s your response time to the Holy Spirit? How much time lapses before you answer His call?

Isaiah 65:24 (NASB)
“It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.”

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  1. Jeanne Zell Graham on

    I enjoy these posts! Wish I had a book of them!

    We are in Houston. Dave fixed us an awesome breakfast!! But he grabbed a handle of a pan that was over and burned his hand really badly! After an hour of running it under water and advil and aloe Vera they went to urgent care and they said between 2nd and 3rd degree burn… put him in salve and bandages for a week…and a trip back next week! Trauma!

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  2. Linda Dickey on

    So very true!!

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