Self-Pity Pie


Normally, I prefer cake to pie. Every once in a while I will eat pie – if it is cherry. However, I despise biting into a slice only to chomp down on a cherry pit. Ouch!

Recently, I was sitting in my study enjoying a huge slice of “self-pity” pie. I felt like it was a case of righteous-indignation until the Holy Spirit convicted me it was self pity. Talk about pits.  The next time I’ll try the pie with two scoops of Yarnell’s Homemade Style vanilla ice cream.

When the Holy Spirit asks, “Do you do well to be angry?” I have to respond, “No.” If I can change the situation then I need to change it. If I can’t, I must get over it and move on. It doesn’t do any good to pout.

Jonah 4:9 (KJV)
And God said to Jonah, “Doest thou well to be angry for the gourd?” And he said, “I do well to be angry, even unto death.”

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  1. Jeanne Zell Graham on

    Good one Bro. Marck!

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  2. Dr. Rick Erwin on

    So glad to see you back on the email! Hope you and your family are doing great. Send Lynn and me a little update as to where you are living and what you are doing.

    • Marck Gibson on

      Alma and have retired and are living in hometown of Paris, Texas. Getting to preach some and don’t have committee and deacons’s meetings.

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